Do I have to pay a bond?

No you don’t pay a bond. We do ask that you pay at least one month’s rent in advance or if you are paid weekly from your employer at least two weeks rent in advance. This money is used to pay your rent when you give your last months, or fortnights notice.

Is there any internet with the property?

We do not provide internet here however, if you want to have it installed it is an option. The cost is not included in the rent.

Do the properties have a garden?

The downstairs bungalows and flats come with a small yard style garden. This is not totally private as your neighbours may have to take their bins across your garden area for them to be emptied.

What furniture/appliances are in the properties?

All of the properties at S5 are unfurnished.

Can I get any kind of discount on my rent?

Yes! We can give you a discount on any rent paid in advance (over 3 months). So if you are willing to pay 6 month’s rent in advance we will give you a discount on 3 month’s rent payments.

How do I view an apartment?

You can either contact us via email through the ‘enquiry’ page and we will contact you as soon as possible or telephone our Estates Manager Max in office hours on +44 (0)7983 351 630 and we can arrange a viewing with you at any properties that are available that suit your needs.

Are the apartments for individuals, couples or families?

Our apartments/bungalows in S5 differ in size and we have a good variety for Individuals or couples. Our properties however are not suitable for people with children.

What must I provide to rent a property in S5?

We ask that our tenants are aged 25 or over and to provide the following for us to
be able to process the tenancy:

  • Passport as proof of identification.
  • Visa information if relevant (for countries outside the European Union).
  • Proof of employment or student status.
  • Payment by weekly/fortnightly/monthly standing order.
  • Cash payment in advance.
  • References are favourable.

We ask that if English is not your first language or you think you may have difficulties understanding the
paperwork or information given to you, if it is possible, please bring somebody with you
who will be able to translate into a language you understand.

What are some of the rules for tenants living at the Bellhouse Road properties?

The main things we ask for is that tenants be considerate to their neighbours.

Also we request that tenants:

  • Not smoke in the property.
  • Not play loud music or display any anti-social behaviour.
  • Not host parties or gatherings in the property.
  • Further examples are outlined our welcome pack.

Do you have parking available?

Yes there is an off road parking space with the property.

Can I have a pet living in the property?

I’m afraid we do not accept pets in any of our properties.

Can I reserve an apartment?

You can reserve an apartment but you must pay non-refundable rent on the property from the reservation date. When you actually move into the property we would still require a month’s rent in advance. For example: If you want to reserve a £100 per week apartment for 3 weeks before you moved in. You would pay £300 in advance to reserve the property. When you want to move in, at your meeting to sign the tenancy and exchange documentation, you must pay a month’s rent in advance which is the usual procedure. If, for example, you wanted to reserve the apartment for 3 weeks and had paid £300 in advance and after 2 weeks you changed your mind and did not want the property we would not refund the difference.

Are bills included?

No there are no bills included at these properties. The amount you pay is only to cover the rent so you are responsible for paying any bills or services etc.

What notice do I have to give before leaving?

We require as much notice as possible in writing (letter, email or message format) prior to moving. We ask for a minimum of one month’s notice but if this not possible we are flexible. Your advance rent payment will cover your notice period. If you do not have any advance rent payment in place we ask that you pay as soon as possible to cover your notice period.

What’s the minimum duration I can stay at the property?

You can rent these properties with for as little time as you want even just a few days however, the minimum payment we accept is one month’s rent. There is no maximum stay. We have tenants that have been with us for years. We also have returning short stay tenants.

Where are the properties located?

The properties are located in Bellhouse Road, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S5 6HT.



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